Shield Hand Spinner

Shield Hand Spinner
Shield Hand Spinner
Shield Hand Spinner
Shield Hand Spinner

Shield Hand Spinner

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Shield Hand Spinner

$ 19.95
Sometimes we get bored and when we get bored we tend to fidget, but while we don’t think that we’re bothering anybody when we do so, the reality is that fidgeting can really tick others off – and you’ll know because you’ve probably been subject to it!
Think about the person who taps the table or clicks their pen relentlessly.
Annoying, isn’t it?
Or perhaps fidgeting has a more negative personal impact on you, such as nail-biting.
Whatever your issue is, the great news is that it can be fixed.
Hand Spinners, also known as Finger Spinners, are a brand new toy especially designed to help you stop fidgeting.
Perfect size suitable for Adults and Kids.
So what are they and how do they help?
They are little toys that fit neatly in your hand to spin around back and forth.
Spinning them becomes really addictive and fun, but even better is that they’re quiet too – perfect for playing with in the office and maybe even a boardroom meeting.
Aside from combating boredom, finger spinners can help to improve concentrations, too, according to some anecdotal evidence.
It may take a while to get the hang of spinning your Hand Spinner to its ultimate ability, which is why it’s important to take some time to practice.
An effective spinner should be able to get their fidget spinner spinning for at least 60 seconds once he knows what he's doing.
Helps Relieve Stress. 
Great For People w/Fidgety Hands and ADD & ADHD Sufferers!
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